Thursday, September 2, 2010

August in Lindos

Just wake me up, My holiday can't be over already, sob, sob. Our villa was beautiful, the peace, the wildlife (ok there are a few stories to be told there), we didn't want our holiday to end.

I had a little incident with a lizard. There are plenty of them in Greece, even here at home we always have one coming onto our balcony and hiding in one of my plant pots. To be honest I am not so scared of them anymore, now huge, gigantic cockroaches are another matter. Anyway one evening I went to hang out the washing, I opened the door and felt something fall on my head, it felt weighty, not like an insect, so I bent my head and then the horror of having something on me kicks in and then I start to try to get it off (yes, arms waving in the air in panic) Meanwhile, DH is watching the tv and totally ignoring me, how could he?!? Then, plop, a lizards falls to the floor in front of me and runs off. It must have froze with fright when he first fell on my head, if I hadn't have hit it off he might have become my new hair accessory.

Now back to reality. My DH opened the restaurant yesterday. DS is sad because he is thinking about school and as a result has all his Lego everywhere to take his mind off such depressing thoughts. And poor old me, I have a list as long as my arm with jobs I need to finish and I am desperate to stitch.

Thanks for everyone who left me comments, they are so appreciated.


Littlebit said...

Sounds like you had a dream vacation, except for the lizard! :) Omg..I'm sure I would have screamed so loud the roof would have fallen on me. LoL! What a handsome DS you have..

Jessica said...

i can picture you trying to shake the lizard from your hair, poor poor dear!
summer is over for us too (finally!) and I'm anxiously awaiting cooler weather and pulling out the long sleeved clothes. i have been stitching like crazy this month because I know when i go back to school (next tues) life will get hectic.

i hope you find some time for yourself..
miss you. xoxo.

Siobhan said...

It looks like a fantastic place! OMGosh about the lizard!! I just imagined you running around with this thing on your head while your husband sat nearby. Sounds like something my DH would do!! LOL Your son is a handsome little guy! He's going to be a heartbreaker with those eyes when he's older!

theodora said...

Hi Constantina I was reading my past comment and I laughed ,silly me I was listed as anononymos and then I signed my name and even mispelled it, I wasn't blogging then I signed up just ot leave you a comment ,thats a long time ago,I am now more experienced I have a blog stop by ,and don't worry about the legos ,your cute little boy will soon get the hang of things ,I hope business is good at the restuarant ,hope you get time to stich stop by and visit when you have a second.theodora